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Ibanez Joe Satriani Guitars: The JS10 Chromeboy and Crystal

Ibanex Joe Satriani Guitars: The JS10 Chromeboy and CrystalIn 1987 Joe Satriani became an endorser of Ibanez guitars. 10 years later, in 1998 Ibanez released the JS10th (aka Chrome Boy/Chromeboy) to celebrate a decade long partnership with Joe. These guitars are now the most sought after guitars made by Ibanez.

506 JS10th’s were produced in total and there are a handful of Chromeboys that were refinished by Ibanez and recorded as 507(N), there are at least 4 of these with 507b being registered right here and one documented as being unstamped. The original numbers of these Chrome boys are unknown.

Ibanez JS10 Chromeboy and Crystal

Joe Satriani Signature Guitars

Maestro Joe Satriani’s jaw-dropping skill on the guitar is matched only by the sheer beauty and artistry of his Signature instruments. Created in collaboration with Satch himself, these models are indeed an extension of his playing: finely nuanced yet capable of staggering heights of musicality.

Joe Satriani Series Basics

•JSBDG, JS20TH, JS2400, JS1200 and JS1000 are precision-made in Japan
•Select JS models feature high-pass filter on volume pot for maintaining highs at low volumes
•All models feature coil tapping on both neck and bridge pickups
•JS2400 is first 24-fret model
•JSBDG “Black Dog” The rumors were true – after years of calls from the legions of Satriani faithful, Ibanez was going to offer a collector’s edition of Joe’s storied “Black Dog” electric guitar
•JS20TH & JS20S 20th Anniversary Models – 20 Years of Surfing with Satch – Ibanez is proud to feature the Joe Satriani 20th Anniversary signature models, dressed to kill with a special 3D inlay of the Silver Surfer (JS20TH) on the guitar’s body


History of the Ibanez JS as told by Joe Satriani

Ibanez Introducing the JS2400 Joe Satriani

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